Code of 



Do not spam. If any member is found spamming on this server, then they will face severe consequences. Spamming includes excessive copy-pastes, picture/ meme/ links/ GIF spam, reaction spam, any form of phishing link/NSFW/obscene content, and walls of text.


Do not harass or insult other members. This includes threats, internet attacks,gender-based insults, and cyberbullying. If such actions are reported to the organizers, then actions will be taken.


Do not promote other Discord servers, send invite links or promote any YouTube channels/videos. Promotional content is not permitted without notifying the organizers.


Every channel in this server is created for a specific purpose. Make sure you convey the message in the right channel. Always keep within the designated topic of every channel.


You can post your queries regarding the program in the #general or #doubts channels of the server. Use corresponding project channels if the query is project-specific.


Once you have created a username for yourself, maintain the same throughout the program. If any participant changes his/her username, then the username which is not registered with the organizing committee will cease to be a part of the program.


If any participant leaves the server at any time before the conclusion of the program in May, then he/she or anyone else will not be allowed to continue with the program further.


Please do not create official or unofficial groups on WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Slack, or any other social networking apps without the sole permission of the organizers.


Do not disrespect moderators, team members, organizers, sponsors, admins, mentors, contributors, and industry professionals or anyone else in the server as it is not allowed to disrespect anyone


Abstain from Direct Messaging to moderators, organizers, sponsors, admins, mentors, contributors, and industry professionals other than the team members without prior permission.


You are expected to have a patient and a motivating nature throughout the program as that what opensource is about. Always maintain good behavior by respecting your fellow teammates, mentors, admins, and the organizing members.


The mentors are required to fully commit themselves to the program. They are expected to provide their assistance to budding open-source enthusiasts throughout the three months.


Failure to maintain the code of conduct will result in termination of participation in GSSoC. If you're removed at any point you will not be added back to program so be careful.