Glimpse of projects GSSoC-2018

Project: GirlScript

Project: UPAY

Project: Makkala Jagriti

Project: Kranti

Project: Zero Gravity

Project: What the f*ck Python

Project: Sangita

Project: Images-to-PDF

Project: OpenChat

Project: MobOfft

Project: Imagery

Project: B.E.N.J.I.

Project: LTS for sugar

Project: Anna Assistant

Project: Travel-Mate

Project: Facebook Archive

Project: Uzay

Project: First Timers Guide

Project: Competitive Coding

Project: The Vision


Description: GirlScript is the fastest growing tech community in India.It is a non profit project brought to you by GirlScript Foundation to aid novices in the field of technology. The main motto is not only to encourage gender equality in technical sector but also to help all the beginners in technology who are utterly clueless in the starting phase of their education. The opportunities available outside India is limited to only few women in India.Thereby GirlScript aims to bring these opportunities within the reach of women living in tier-two and tier -three cities. Thus what we want is an  online platform to connect the students and mentors sitting in different parts of world and sharing their skill set. Only what we are looking for is passionate and self driven individual. It is a place where you can learn or be a mentor and embellish your skills by imparting knowledge and basically contribute in every possible way  to be a part of this technological upliftment in our country.

Admin: Anubha Maneshwar, Rohit Swami, Vandit
Mentors: Abhishek Vishwakarma, Vishwaraj Anand, Shivam Kumar Jha, Ritika Motwani, Piyush Raj, Saichethan Reddy, Sneha Mishra


Description: The foundation of development for every society is the education of its youth. Keeping this in mind, an NGO UPAY (Underprivileged Advancement by Youth), was established in May 2010 by a group of young engineers from IITs and NITs. It mainly aims to provide opportunities to underprivileged children and bring some sunshine in those deprived lives. Ever since it's dawn, UPAY Team has been working wholeheartedly in achieving this aim. Its success story can be culminated by the mere fact that where children were unable to do basic arithmetic calculations are now, not just producing excellent academic results but also bringing laurels to these underprivileged areas. The main vision of UPAY is overcome disparities in education so that every child gets an opportunity to Learn, Grow and Succeed.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Javascript, Html, css, Django, Python, Android, Core Java, Angular, React

Admin: Shagufta Gurmukhdas
Mentors: Nupur Baghel , Sambhav Jain, Divjot Singh, Gaurav Sitlani,Bhavin Jawade


Description: Makkala Jagriti is an NGO established  in 2003 that seeks to create holistic learning platforms and empower socially and economically deprived children and their community as a whole. The vision is to create a value-based social movement to empower the child and its community towards a bright future. Makkala Jagriti integrates the core value among it's people to respect the child's physical,professional and learning boundaries. Makkala Jagriti aims to facilitate holistic development for children and diverse groups, in and around the community, to build a sustainable and equitable society.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Javascript, Html, css, Django, Python, Android, Core Java, Angular, React

Admin: Chathu Vishwajeet
Mentors: Dhruv Jain, Rahul Rana, T K Sourab, Tulika Tewari, Kirankumar Ambati


Description: Kranti is a women's rights NGO that provides a healing home, comprehensive education and personalized opportunities to India’s socially disadvantaged young women in order to empower and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to build fulfilling futures and become agents of positive change in the world. Where the basic human rights of every woman are recognized and striven for. Where her education grants her the agency and independence to control her own life. Where society’s value of her contribution instigates an enduring confidence and strength. Where this collective strength of India’s women ignites a generational empowerment, and provides every woman the opportunity to live up to her full potential intellectually, socially, spiritually, and physically.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Javascript, Html, css, Django, Python, Android, Core Java, Angular, React

Admin: Jayesh KR
Mentors: Gunjan Karamchandani, Pratul Kumar, Lalit Kumar, Avani Verma


Description: Zero Gravity is the youth volunteer network of  Dr. Shrikant Jichkar Foundation.It provides the youth of nation a platform to contribute something to the society and bring about a change they want to see in the world. It is a vibrant organization that has grown from 8 members to more than 180 volunteers .So far it has worked in areas of AIDS awareness , environmental awareness, nurturing inmates of orphanages as well as taking care of residents of Old Age Homes. It holds a notion that happiness and satisfaction is the ultimate purpose of human lives. Ever since it's inception their main motive has been to spread joy ,happiness and contentment to all associated with it.Through various campaigns,activities and events ,they have always endeavoured to achieve this aim of theirs. Their simple thought is “maximum happiness to maximum number of people”. So far they have succeeded to a great extent in bringing smiles on innocent faces  and this is what motivates them to strive for more of it.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Javascript, Html, css, Django, Python, Android, Core Java, Angular, React

Admin: Anubha Maneshawar/>
Mentors: Yashovardhan Agrawal, karmanya aggarwal, Abhishek Prasad, Arindam Das Modak

Description: OpenChat is an Open Source messaging platform where people can send messages to anyone registered to this platform.

Tech Stack: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Admin: Ankit Jain

Mentors: Anoop Kumar Singh, Gowthamnarayanan S, Raghav Jajodia, Supun Wanniarachchi

Description: An interesting collection of surprising snippets and lesser-known Python features.

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Satwik Kansal

Mentors: Vipul Gupta, Ayush Priya, Aman Jain, Srijan Agarwal

Description: A natural language processing toolkit for Indian languages.

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Samriddhi Sinha

Mentors: JOINAL AHMED, Uday Upreti, Pranjal Aswani, Ramit

Description: This is an android application. The primary aim for this is to convert images to PDF.

Tech Stack: Java or Kotlin

Admin: Swati Garg

Mentors: Raghav Puri, Tanvi Dadu, Mili Sharma, Karanvir Singh

Description: A CLI to download, convert and send YouTube videos to several devices using Pushbullet.

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Parth Verma

Mentors: Rajula Vineet Reddy, Prashant Nigam , Amar Prakash Pandey

Description: Slack app to upload shared images to Imgur to save space and share easily

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Dibya Prakash Das

Mentors: Ashish Kumar Gaurav, Yash Sharma, Vibhav Agarwal

Description:B.E.N.J.I. or Brilliant and Efficient non-Javascript enabled Intelligence Systems is a digital assistant that would help you to control your computer by voice command. An open-source Alexa..imagine the possibilities!

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Dhruv Apte

Mentors: Dishant Sheth, Gagan Ganapathy, Shubham Patel, Sarah Masud

Description: Sugar Labs makes tools that learners use to explore, discover, create, and reflect. Sugar is both a desktop and a collection of Activities.

Tech Stack: Python, GTK+

Admin: Yash Agrawal

Mentors: Aniq Ur Rahman, Shubhi Saxena,amaaniqbal

Description: Anna Assistant is AI assistant for Google Chrome, which allows you to do tasks like playing music, sending email, take screenshots, Open and Close websites, Ask directions, Post on twitter and many more features.

Tech Stack: Dialogflow, JavaScript

Admin: Gautham Santhosh

Mentors: Umang Galaiya, Kanika Modi, Dhrubesh, Dravit Lochan

Description: Travel Mate is supposed to be a complete travel guide. The app provides solutions for every possible problem a traveller might face during the course of his or her entire journey.

Tech Stack: Python3, Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Android

Admin: Swati Garg , Prabhakar Gupta

Mentors: Rajat Kumar Gupta, Aman Bansal, Himanshu Awasthi

Description: Plots and analysis for facebook archive data.

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Kaustubh Hiware

Mentors: Anubhav Singh, Tushar Mittal, Roopal Jain, Farhaan Bukhsh

Description:Uzay is centered around serving a perfectly neutral content which supports both favourable and unfavourable thoughts and content for a user. It encourages a user to browse a personalised feed rather than being served a feed according to their personal comfortable preference. This behaviour has proved to be fairly unhealthy and partisan promoting, which was never the true intent of the Internet.

Tech Stack: Node.js, MongoDB

Admin: Saksham Saxena

Mentors: Anshuman Verma, Aakash Rastogi

Description:First-timers-guide In the spirit of encouraging more people into open-source, first-timers-guide is a project to invite more and more people to write what they know about a certain computer science concept in a away another first-timer might understand.

Tech Stack: Markdown

Admin: Dhruv Apte

Mentors: Jaskirat Singh, Rashmi Nagpal

Description:It contains some useful codes, techniques, algorithms, data structure implementations and problem solutions helpful in Competitive Coding. It can help students prepare for competitive coding contests and also help them in learning new data structures and algorithms. C++ Should help students new to open source become familiar with it.

Tech Stack: C++

Admin: Sahil Bansal

Mentors: Vikas gola ,Aditya Agarwal, mayank408, Nakul Sabharwal

Description:Evolution of

Tech Stack: Python

Admin: Swapnil Agarwal
@The Vision

Mentors: Prakhar srivastava,Anamika Tripathi

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What our Alma mater has to say

“GirlScript Summer of Code was just an idea to help clueless beginners in open source. We never expected 1000 participants from 4 countries but it happened and we successfully completed it. The program also helped some NGOs to get their projects built without spending any money and therefore we created an impact. Although, there were some flaws in first edition, we are coming again in 2019 with corrections and additions!”


Anubha Maneshwar


“Being associated with GSSoC'18 was one amazing experience. Working with a wonderful team on this 3- month long program gave me countless memories and learning. Working towards encouraging new-comers dive into open-source gave immense satisfaction. All this has encouraged me to contribute to GSSoC'19 with greater enthusiasm.”


Akshita Aggarwal

Operations Lead

“Being the part of organising team of GSSoC is one of the best things that happened to me this year. GSSoC for me was perfect blend of passion and giving back to the community. Kudos to GirlScript foundation for this amazing initiative. I believe GSSoC will go long way and hope to stay connected with it for years to come.”


Aakanksha Jain

Project Lead
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