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About GirlScript

The GirlScript Foundation is a well-acclaimed organization in the EdTech field. It has been successfully equipping modern youth with the new age technologies that are revolutionising the world today.It is a sturdy initiative that inspires the youth to learn, grow and diversify their reach in the competitive world.

Our mission is to impinge on every individual who has the zeal to learn more. Around the year we conduct several educational programs and offer internship opportunities to the youngsters so that they become industry-ready. Today our network has expanded to a great extent and has culminated the submit of success.


About GSSoC

GirlScript Summer of Code is the 3 month long Open Source program during summers conducted by GirlScript Foundation, started in 2018, with an aim to help beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity. Throughout the program, participants contribute to different projects under guidance of experienced mentors. Top participants get exciting goodies and opportunities.

GirlScript Summer of Code 2020 witnessed overwhelming participation and 2021 edition will carry the legacy forward while promising to be even more impactful and grand.




If you have basic git skills or are first timers or even veteran developers, GirlScript Summer of Code would give you a taste of contributing in a long open source projects. Continuously for 3 months you will contribute to your assigned projects under guidance of experienced mentors. Register yourself as a participant for GSSoc 2021 here.


Mentors are experts on the Open Source project the team is working on. At the beginning of the program, they provide a roadmap for the project. They are available throughout the summer to review pull requests, help with concepts and generally support the team. Apply to be a mentor at Girlscript Summer Of Code.

Call for Projects - NGOs

If you are an NGO with a particular project idea in mind (website, app, etc.), then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get it built while also helping numerous students in turn.

Prizes And Rewards


The GirlScript Summer of Code (GSSoC) proudly entertains participation from all types of genders, age groups and countries. All willing candidates can apply for mentorship for an amazing learning and leadership experience.

Also, the Summer of Code, being open for all, provides a platform to all the participants, both students and professionals, to showcase their talent on a big level.

How Does It Work?

Girlscript Summer Of Code is a 3-month long open source project under Girlscript India. In this Summer Of Code, all the registered participants would get an exquisite opportunity to interact with the mentors and the Organizing Team from 24th February 2021 to 28th February 2021.

In this period they can extract any help or can resolve any  sort of query or uncertainty that they might be having regarding the projects or it’s implementation. The team and the mentors will endeavour to provide the required help from their best possible resources. From 1st March onwards, the mentors will be declaring  the issues of the Open Source Projects and the admins will be looking after the final structuring of the websites. If a participant is willing to work on a project, he/she will have to comment on the issue and make a pull request and if the mentor finds the work satisfactory, the participant would get the opportunity to work for the same.

The claiming of issues by the participants will be on a first come-first served basis. The participants would be continuously evaluated on all the projects that they contribute to and thereby the  mentors will have to maintain a leaderboard and submit a biweekly evaluation of their respective mentees.

After the conclusion of event the leaderboards of the mentors would be taken into consideration by the organizing team for the final evaluation of the participants and the result would be declared.

4th March - 5th March

Project Assignment to Mentors
8th March

First Phase of Contribution Starts
10th March

The leaderboard will be open
10th March - 12th March

The Community Bonding sessions
1st April

Personalized allotment of projects to the participants
31st May

Coding period ends
2nd week of June

Results will be declared.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors make it possible for Girlscript Summer Of Code to provide the perks for participants. Their generous donations allow students to participate in the program and focus on learning. Sponsors receive a great deal of publicity and exposure as a result of the program. So register to be a sponsor today!